Does The New Chevy Blazer Have 3rd Row Seating?

Is the Chevy Blazer a 7 seater?

Chevrolet on Monday provided a first look at a new 7-seat version of the Blazer that will debut in November at Auto Guangzhou.

The model has been developed exclusively for the Chinese market where, oddly, it will be the biggest SUV in Chevy’s lineup..

What is the best 3 row SUV for the money?

11 Best 3-Row SUVs for the Money2020 Subaru Ascent.2020 Honda Pilot.2020 Chevrolet Traverse.2020 Nissan Pathfinder.2020 Dodge Durango.2019 GMC Acadia.2020 Ford Explorer.2020 Buick Enclave.More items…•

What is the cheapest 3rd row SUV?

10 Cheapest 3-Row SUVs of 20202020 Volkswagen Tiguan | $24,945. … 2020 Kia Sorento | $26,990. … 2020 GMC Acadia | $29,800. … 2020 Chevrolet Traverse | $29,800. … 2020 Volkswagen Atlas | $31,545. … 2020 Dodge Durango | $31,590. … 2020 Honda Pilot | $31,650. … 2020 Nissan Pathfinder | $31,680. 2020 Nissan Pathfinder / Photo Credit: Nissan.More items…•

What is the difference between the equinox and the blazer?

The Equinox is a compact crossover, while the Blazer is a mid-size offering. The main difference between the two crossovers may be size, but there’s a lot of other things that separate them.

What Chevy vehicles have 3rd row seating?

The Traverse, Tahoe and Suburban all provide third row seating to give you and your passengers enough room during every drive. Considered the most dependable midsize SUV in 2018, this big and bold vehicle will allow you to feel safe and secure due to its government 5-star safety rating.

What is the cheapest 7 passenger vehicle?

Cheapest 7-Passenger SUVs for 20202020 Volkswagen Tiguan.2020 Kia Sorrento.2020 Chevrolet Traverse.2020 Hyundai Palisade.2020 Honda Pilot.2020 Nissan Pathfinder.2020 Subaru Ascent.2020 Mazda CX-9.More items…•

What is the most spacious 7 seater?

The Sorento is Kia’s largest and most practical car, boasting a very spacious interior and a 605-litre boot when all seven seats aren’t in use.

Is Chevy Blazer a good car?

The Chevrolet Blazer makes a good impression. The interior is nice but lacking. The base models offer a weak standard engine and not a lot of headroom for rear passengers. There’s a distinct lack of driver safety aids unless you’re willing to pay a lot more for a higher trim level.

Is there a 9 passenger SUV?

Chevrolet Suburban is a well-known car and one of the most popular 9-passenger vehicles on the market. Despite the fact it is almost 2 years old, this car still offers all that most families need.

Is the equinox being discontinued?

Like most compact cars, the Cruze shed buyers who increasingly moved to small SUVs, including Chevy’s own Trax and Equinox, so it’s being killed off for 2020.

How many passengers does the new Chevy Blazer hold?

five peopleIn short, the Blazer is built for five people with two spacious rows of seating. In all, the Blazer provides up to 108 cubic-feet of passenger room, which is 8 cubic-feet more than the Equinox. Much of that extra space comes from a wider second row.

What is the safest 3 row SUV?

It is the winner of our 2019 Best 3-Row SUV for the Money award. Safety (U.S. News Score: 9.9/10): The Sorento earned excellent safety scores in 2019 testing by the NHTSA and IIHS. The NHTSA awarded it with a five-star overall safety rating.

What is the best 7 passenger SUV for the money?

10 Best 7-Passenger SUVs2020 Cadillac XT6. $52,695. 78.7. 4,000.2020 Ford Explorer. $36,675. 6 or 7. 87.8. … 2020 Infiniti QX80. $66,750. 95.1. 8,500.2020 Lexus GX. $53,000. 7 or 8. 64.7. 6,500.2020 Honda Pilot. $31,650. 83.9. 5,000.2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS. $75,200. 84.7. 7,700.2020 Toyota Sequoia. $49,905. 7 or 8. 120.1. 7,400.2020 Volkswagen Atlas. $31,545. 96.8. 5,000.More items…

Which 7 seater has the most room?

Ford Galaxy2. Ford Galaxy. This is the daddy of today’s people carriers (another word for an MPV). It’s the most spacious seven-seater you can buy with enough room in the rearmost row for two adults to sit comfortably.

Does the 2019 Chevy Blazer have 3rd row seating?

Called Chevrolet FNR-CarryAll concept, the “concept”, which looks completely production ready, features a more traditional roofline compared to the 2019 Blazer, allowing for more interior volume and, as a result, a third row of seats.

Is a Chevy Blazer bigger than an equinox?

The Blazer is Chevy’s exciting and sporty-looking SUV offering. It’s bigger than the Equinox, but you wouldn’t know it right away just looking at it. The Blazer is 191.4 inches long and 76.7 inches wide, making it both longer and wider than the Equinox. It’s 67 inches high, making it slightly taller, as well.

Which is better Equinox or blazer?

Both the 2019 Equinox and 2019 Blazer offer a comfortable 2 row vehicle, with the Blazer providing additional legroom and cargo room. The 2019 Equinox provides 63.5 cubic feet with the rear seat folded down while the 2019 Blazer provides 64.2 cubic feet of cargo room.

Which is bigger traverse or blazer?

Traverse vs. … A front-wheel drive Traverse weighs in at 4,346 pounds—heavier with all-wheel drive. An all-wheel-drive Blazer is just a little bit lighter that its bigger counterpart as 4,274 pounds.