Quick Answer: How Big Of A Tent Do I Need For A Family Of 4?

Is a 4 person tent big enough?

Most four-person tents have floor space ranging from 55 square feet to 65 square feet.

With two adults and two kids, you’ll most likely would have enough room for everyone in your four-person tent.

But it never hurts to have extra room..

How big is a 4 person tent?

about 240cm x 220cmThe average 4-man tent size comes out to about 240cm x 220cm in the main floor area. Obviously, there is enough room for your family to comfortably sleep and move inside the tent but if you need even more space, you’ll be able to find even bigger and taller 4-person tents.

Is a 4 season tent worth it?

“[Four-season] tents are a unique option for someone with a range of pursuits in mind,” says Emma Hunter, a gear specialist at Backcountry.com. “They’re adequate for summer or winter use, and they really prove their worth when you hit early season snowfall or mixed weather conditions at higher elevations.

Are Big Agnes tents good?

The Big Agnes Copper Spur Tent Line Tents of all four capacities are free-standing and suitable for 3 season use. The Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 tent is definitely worth considering for a true 2-3 person backpacking tent. It is designed with a good weight to room ratio, and has a solid structure to combat the elements.

Should I get a 4 or 6 person tent?

You’ll find a 4-person tent will be more comfortable for two people, and you will have space to spread out and store your gear too. For a family of four, I recommend a 6-person tent. As a rule-of-thumb buy a tent that has a capacity rated two people higher than the number that will actually be using it.

Should I get a 2 or 3 person tent?

The upside of going with a three-person tent is that you’ll have a much more comfortable interior space for two people. We prefer three-person backpacking tents for this very reason. The downside to upsizing your tent is that it will weigh more, so make sure to choose a lightweight tent model (more on that below).

How many meters is a 4 man tent?

Family-Tent 4 Person Tent dimensions: 460 x 260 x 190 CM with A Large Awning Ideal use of space.

How big of a tent do I need for 30 guests?

If the guests will be seated at tables, you will need a 20 x 30 tent. Add more square feet if you have other things need to go under the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage.

Which brand of tent is best?

Here are our top picks for the best tent brands:Hilleberg.Big Agnes.MSR.Vango.The North Face.Black Diamond.Alpkit.Nemo.

What is the best tent for a family of 4?

The Best Car and Family Camping TentsOur pick. Kelty Grand Mesa 4. The best car-camping tent for two. … Our pick. Eureka Copper Canyon LX 6. The best family car-camping tent. … Also great. Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin. A family tent that goes up quickly. … Budget pick. Coleman Sundome 6-Person Tent.

Is Big Agnes a good brand?

Today, Big Agnes makes high-quality tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags and outdoor apparel. They are still a small and highly specialized company which tests their products extensively before putting them on the market. … We have listed Big Agnes tents in our review of the Best Backpacking Tents.

Are Big Agnes tents waterproof?

Your Big Agnes tent comes fully waterproofed. Over time, washing, wear and tear, and UV damage can degrade the waterproof coatings.

Where Are Big Agnes tents made?

Guangdong ProvinceThe sleeping bags and other big Agnes products are made in Guangdong Province.

What is the best cheap tent?

Techcell Two Person Tent. $26.99. … GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent. $24.80. … Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2-Person Dome Tent. $37.79. … Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent. $55.75. … Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Tent. $55.75. … ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent. $119.99. … CCTRO 2 Person Camping Tent. … Wenzel 5 Person Dome Tent.More items…•

How big of a tent should I get?

You should plan a minimum of 30 square feet of floor space per person. … If you are six feet tall, you will need a space of at least seven feet in order to stretch out and not be crammed against the tent sides. You will need at least two and one half feet in width just for sleeping. This equals only 17.5 square feet.

Are expensive tents worth it?

Realistically, truly expensive tents are only really worth it if you are a serious camper or backpacker. But the question of whether cheap tents are worth it is always a NO. The price difference between a cheap tent and a good tent is so negligible in the long run that it’s truly a no brainer.

Is a 6 person tent too big for 2 people?

A general rule of thumb is you should put 1 less person than what the tent is rated for in the tent, so there’s room for rbekr gear. So a 6-person tent would be good for 4 or 5 people.

Can a queen mattress fit in a 4 person tent?

2 queen size (or 4 twin mattresses) will probably require at least a 128-square-foot or larger cabin tent. This might be a 9-1/2′ x 13-1/2′ configuration. If an mattress is too large to comfortably fit inside the tent, campers will be forced to crawl around the tent, stressing the mattress—and the campers!

What is a good weight for a backpacking tent?

While there are no official weight ranges, here are some average weights: An ultralight backpacking tent weighs between 1 and 2 pounds. A lightweight backpacking tent weighs between 3 and 4 pounds. And a standard backpacking tent weighs between 5 and 7 pounds.

How big of a tent do you need for 100 guests?

Number of GuestsSeating OnlyWith Dance Floor & DJ10020′ x 50′ 1000 sq ft40′ x 40′ 1600 sq ft12030′ x 40′ 1200 sq ft30′ x 60′ 1800 sq ft18030′ x 60′ 1800 sq ft40′ x 80′ 3200 sq ft24040′ x 60′ 2400 sq ft60′ x 60′ 3600 sq ft5 more rows

How big of a tent do I need for 75 guests?

Quick GlanceSizeStanding CocktailBuffet Dinner10x30 (300 sq. ft)50-5525-3520×20 (400 sq. ft)65-7550-5520×30 (600 sq. ft)80-11570-8020×40 (800 sq. ft)120-155100-11016 more rows