Quick Answer: What Is The Best Color For Honda Pilot?

What year Honda Pilot is most reliable?

The most reliable Honda Pilot model years Most older-model Pilots (2010 and older) have 60 or more complaints under each of their belts.

However, the 2008 Honda Pilot receives an impressively-low number of complaints, at only 34.

This is surprisingly impressive, considering the 2008 Honda Pilot’s age..

How many miles does a Honda Pilot usually last?

Honda makes excellent vehicles with excellent reliability. If well maintained and driven gently, should last 10 years /150K miles. At around that mark however problems will usually develop.

Are Honda Pilots reliable cars?

A midsize crossover SUV with three rows of seats, lots of passenger room, and plenty of cargo space, the Pilot is immensely practical. It also enjoys a strong reputation for reliability and resale value, and gets favorable safety ratings.

Do Honda pilots last long?

my 2007 honda pilot has 335,000 miles and still going strong! a honda pilot generally lasts for around 120,000 miles.

What are the different levels of Honda Pilot?

2020 Honda Pilot Trim Level Comparison2020 Honda Pilot LX. Starts at. MSRP $32,770*2020 Honda Pilot EX. Starts at. MSRP $‎35,650*2020 Honda Pilot EX-L. Starts at. MSRP $‎39,080*2020 Honda Pilot EX-L Navi/RES. Starts at. MSRP $‎41,080*2020 Honda Pilot Touring. Starts at. MSRP $‎43,840*2020 Honda Pilot Elite. Starts at. … 2020 Honda Pilot Black Edition. Starts at.

Does Honda Pilot hold value?

Hondas have always had excellent resale value, mostly due to their outstanding reliability ratings. The Honda Pilot is no exception in this right. Receiving top picks from accredited raters the Pilot has proven itself to be an outstanding, practical third-row SUV.

What color is Black Forest Pearl?

It may be hard to believe, but the 2016 Honda Pilot wears its green shade — a dark one dubbed Black Forest Pearl — pretty well. Admittedly, the color looks black in low lighting conditions, which helps the overall appeal.

How many miles can a Honda Pilot last?

The Honda Pilot is a great vehicle. With proper maintenance you should get another 400,000 miles if not more out of it.

Do Honda pilots have transmission problems?

It was not without its problems though, and transmission has popped up more than once as a serious issue for some drivers of the Pilot. On average, Honda Pilot owners have had to pay over $3,000 to fix their transmission issues when they do crop up.

What colors do Honda pilots come in?

List of Honda Pilot Exterior ColorsSteel Sapphire Metallic.Obsidian Blue Pearl.Black Forest Pearl.Crystal Black Pearl.Modern Steel Metallic.Lunar Silver Metallic.Deep Scarlet Pearl.Platinum White Pearl.

Which Honda Pilot model is the best?

Elite. The 2019 Honda Pilot Elite is the best that the brand has to offer and starts at $48,020. The Pilot Elite comes with the nine-speed transmission from the Pilot Touring trim, but all-wheel drive is now standard.

Will the Honda Pilot be redesigned in 2021?

For 2021, the Honda Pilot now comes standard with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The Pilot also gains a new Special Edition (SE) trim level that will slot in between the EX-L and Touring trims. The 2021 Pilot is now available in Honda dealerships.