What Does It Mean When Your Truck Says Service Trailer Brake System?

How do I know if my trailer has electric brakes?

If you have electric brakes there will be wires (usually blue) going into the wheel hubs.

There should also be a device about the size of a cigarette pack mounted on the tongue.

A wire protrudes from it and this wire should be connected to the frame of the TV when towing..

What should my trailer brake gain be set at?

To set trailer brake gain, start with the values specified by the manufacturer. Test your trailer brakes at 25mph. If the vehicle stops slowly, increase the trailer brake gain. If the brakes lock up, decrease the gain.

Do trailer lights have a fuse?

Trailer lights work except for one function: brake, right turn, left turn, or tail. Harness wires are not connected to vehicle correctly/securely. ( Plug-In Only) A set of connectors is not seated together properly or is not making a good connection. ( Plug-In Only) A required fuse or relay is blown or missing.

Why are my trailer brakes stuck on?

Locking Trailer Brakes Due to Faulty Brake Controller If you’ve made sure all of your wiring is sound and secure, then another possible cause for locking brakes could be your brake controller. … There could be many reasons that your electric trailer brakes are locking up while driving, or when they are applied.

How do you check trailer brakes without a truck?

Absolutely! If you would rather not connect the trailer to your tow vehicle, you can simply use a separate car/truck 12V battery to test the electric brakes on your trailer. You can apply power to the appropriate brake input pin on the trailer…

How do I know if my trailer brake magnets are bad?

Testing with Trailer Connected to the Vehicle Check the amperage. If the amperage is greater than the specified amount (see specifications below), replace the magnet or magnets. If the reading is less than the specified amount, the leads are bad and the magnet or magnets should be replaced.

How do you troubleshoot electric trailer brakes?

The most common electrical problem is low or no voltage and amperage at the brakes. Common causes of this condition are; poor electrical connections, open circuits, insufficient wire size, broken wires, blown fuses (fusing of brakes is not recommended), improperly functioning controllers or resistors.

What is the blue wire on trailer?

The additional blue wire is tapped into the reverse lights on the vehicle to disengage the hydraulic trailer coupler (actuator) when the vehicle is reversing, thus turning off the trailer’s brakes. I am including a picture of a 7-Way trailer connector that will show the terminals and their function.

How do you reset a trailer brake controller?

Try unplugging the brake controller for 10 seconds or so and then replugging it in. Sometimes brake controllers like the part # C51140 just need to be reset and this is the corret way to do that.

How does a brake controller know if a trailer is connected?

Aftermarket brake controllers send a small amount of voltage along the brake output wire, if a trailer is connected, the magnets in the brake assemblies will create a power draw. This power draw tells the controller that a trailer is connected.

Is there a fuse for trailer brakes?

If the trailer brakes will operate with the manual switch, but not when the truck brakes are applied, check the CHMSL fuse in the fuse box under the hood. The lid to the fuse box will have a legend that will help you locate the fuse. Your trailer brakes might simply need adjusting.

Why is my trailer brake controller not working?

Brake controller loses connection to battery ground. Ground wire was not connected to negative battery terminal, ground area does not have solid connection to ground. Adapter wiring does not match OEM connector on vehicle. Ground connection to negative battery terminal is loose.

Do I need a battery on my trailer for the brakes to work?

No the trailer does not have to have a battery in order for a brake controller to work. The first thing I recommend to determine the problem is to clean the vehicle and trailer side connectors. They should be clean and free of corrosion inside where…

What does trailer brake system mean?

It is mounted to the tow vehicle’s driver’s-side dashboard area, and engages a trailer’s electrical braking system either time delayed, or in proportion to the tow vehicle’s brake engagement when slowing down or coming to a halt. …

How do you test a trailer brake control module?

Testing the brake controller is fairly easy. Sever the blue brake output wire near the brake controller leaving enough room to reconnect it and then apply the manual slide. Using a circuit tester like the Quickee Tester, part # 3808, you should get output to the controller side of the wire you severed.

How do you adjust trailer brakes?

Trailer brakes can be adjusted by turning the star wheel adjuster with a brake spoon. Prying the spoon down will tighten the brake pads against the brake drums. Prying upward will loosen the pads. The star wheel adjuster should be tightened so that the trailer tire turns freely and a slight scraping sound is heard.

Do I need a brake controller if I have a tow package?

The power for braking your trailer originates from your car or tow vehicle. … The heavier the trailer, the more powerful the controller needs to be. If you purchase a “tow package” you may have the brake wiring installed, but will still need a controller to activate the brakes.

How do you disengage trailer brakes?

The easiest option would be to simply unplug your brake controller. If the brake controller is disconnected, the brakes will not receive power. If your brake controller was hardwired and cannot be unplugged, you could cut the brake output wire anywhere between the brake controller and the trailer brakes.